Axe throwing is merely for man

You are standing during a field, facing a wooden target with an axe in your hand. You arc your arm back, swing forward and release the axe. It spins through the air striking the target and you’ve got completed your first ever axe throw.

For quite a while we’ve avoided the subject of axe throwing. Being a touch of a fad in corporate team building we’ve had many requests for axe throwing, but so far we didn’t really feel we could call it team building as we define team building.

A lot of individuals think that axe throwing is reserved for outdoors only, but this is often not true.

Axe throwing can both outdoors and indoors. Most of this activity is administered inside because clubs can’t find an outsized enough space within cities to line up the entire field.

At an equivalent time, being exposed to the weather is often disruptive. For instance, a robust wind can compromise throws and send them rich their target. On the opposite hand, rain or snow also can make the conditions harder. You’ll imagine how axe throwing in winters would be… challenging!

Not only do rain and snow reduce visibility, but they could make the handles slippery. In these conditions, it’s entirely unsafe to throw axes as someone could find yourself injuring themselves or somebody else.

Axe throwing is merely for man

As we mentioned earlier, we have seen tons of individuals come to Lumberjaxe on a date. Simply put, tons of girls participate in axe throwing, and nowadays the ratio of males to females is pretty close.

And we can assure you that no-one here thinks that ladies cannot be good at axe throwing or that men are somehow better. Axe throwing is all about what proportion you wish doing it. This brings us to our point, both men and ladies love axe throwing from the instant they struggle it out.

In fact, many ladies find axe throwing quite empowering!

You would like super strength to throw an axe

A lot of individuals see axe throwing as a brute sport where strength is all that matters. But that’s just not right.

Although strength is vital for axe throwing, it’s only one of the various factors that matter within the sport. At an equivalent time, strength and power come later once you’ve found out the opposite stuff.

Axe throwing is about balance, control and precision. This suggests developing and learning an honest technique for throwing. Indeed there’s skill and finesse involved in axe throwing.

When you find out how to try to this, you’ll start increasing the facility in your throw; it’s as simple as that. Even then, strength isn’t crucial because, after all, you’ve got to hit the target precisely, not break your mark.

The goal isn’t to throw the axe as strong as you most likely can. Still, you’ll work on power and train your shot. It does look cool when the axe flies faster, and you get a way of delight from hitting the target authoritatively.

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