Harley Swiftdeer Reagan- An Accomplished Teacher and Loving Healer

There are several people that have problems in this world. They cannot address these challenges on their own and look for care and guidance in their fellow human beings. It is here that some souls step in as guardian angels to help individuals pass through this tough ordeal. These souls are teachers cum healers that people remember and respect for life.

Harley Swiftdeer Reagan- A loving teacher and healer for all

Harley Swiftdeer Reagan was a widely respected teacher and loving healer for all those who knew him. He was a talented man and an accomplished artist in the field of martial arts. He founded the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society and led the Ten-No-Kishi dojo in Arizona.

He had an impressive knowledge and background in the field of religion, martial arts, philosophy, psychology and other ancient traditions revolving around mystery schools. He inspired and enriched the lives of all his students across the world with classes and personal consultations. He has mastery in physical training and ceremony as well.

He studied with a large number of teachers called Twisted Hairs. These teachers are men and women that have profound knowledge in medicine and spirituality. They come from diverse tribes across America and they have accumulated wisdom that is interweaved and known as the braids of truth. Harley Swiftdeer Reagan was designated in 1975 to be one of the carriers of this wisdom. It was called The Shields of Knowledge of The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. This Path was laid down by The Twisted Hairs Metis Medicine Society Council of Elders. These revered teachers were instructed to teach the wisdom to anyone who was looking for soul evolution and spiritual awakening.

The Society has helped many people across the globe to evolve as a person and discover the essence of life and living. Both men and women from all backgrounds have been able to improve their quality of live with the principles and wisdom that has been taught to them.

The Society has a number of healing techniques and knowledge programs to help people to understand the true meaning of life. Man is too busy pursuing material pleasures and this has affected him in a large way. It is crucial for you to be aware of the fact that besides material possessions you have your soul that needs to be nourished. The Society has managed to bring its followers to their true selves. Man’s true nature is close to animals, plants and Grandmother Nature who protects him. This is why people have shunned negative patterns and have healed many grave wounds. They have been able to forgive and bring in bliss and happiness in their lives thanks to the faithful and devoted members of The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society.

Harley Swiftdeer Reagan was a man who was kind and compassionate. He had a zest for life and living. He helped millions face challenges in life and emerge victorious. He is a man who still is respected and alive in the hearts of millions.