Helping A Hero-Gifting Homes to Brave Fighters!


There are several soldiers that are fighting in the battle against terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. This battle is called the Global War on Terror and is considered to be one of the biggest battles of the world since the Twin Towers of the USA were bombed way back in 2001. The pledge for peace is on however terrorists are now creating havoc in the world and they are killing innocent people in the name of religion, power and other causes that is costing human life dear!

Helping A Hero- gifting customized homes to brave warriors

There are several soldiers that die fighting on the battlefield. However, there are other fighters that suffer severe casualties like the loss of limbs, sight, severe burns or even paralysis. They come back to their homeland however they do face problems living in their homes. They might not have all the facilities they deserve for free mobility. It is here that the Helping A Hero campaign steps in to give them their own customized home so that they may reintegrate into society and get a unique home for their needs.

Gift a brave warrior a new home

The campaign invites donations from the people of America for the cause. It is here that the organizers of the campaign enter into partnerships with developers, builders and the whole community. The houses that are built are made with wider doors, halls and other special amenities for these soldiers. These homes cater to their efforts to save the nation from terrorism. This campaign has a mission to help these brave warriors recover and reintegrate into normal life. These homes have been made to cater to every soldiers’ individual needs. The homes are gifted to them and till date there has been over 100 customized homes given to these brave warriors of the nation since the inception of the campaign spearheaded by Meredith Iler.

Gifting a home to brave soldiers

She says that this campaign is a multi-million dollar campaign that has been launched in the USA. The public have stepped forward to help these wounded warriors with a special home that they deserve. They have fought with valor for the nation and it is time for them to rest with their families in a space that has been customized to their individual needs. Every home is different and it is made only for the soldier it is gifted to.

The Global War on Terror has been on for a long time however these wounded warriors are a constant reminder of the dear price that humans pay for war. The organizers of the campaign conduct regular events and awareness programs so that you can step forward and donate generously to the cause.

Helping A Hero has been successful in gifting a customized home to soldiers that are inspirational and courageous to fight for global peace. Donations are welcome from everybody so that these wounded warriors can get a special home to live in with freedom with their loved ones!

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