More Great Kitchen Ideas To Consider

Good flooring can transform your kitchen and future-proof it while keeping a sleek and stylish look.

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Create a stand-out look with carefully placed patterned tiles. Consider your colour palette and the size of your room: busier patterns can liven up a huge space, but might be too much for a smaller room.

Look to Nature

Whether you’re using a granite or wood floor, take inspiration from nature. Designer Kelly Hoppen swears by a natural and neutral design. Stone or wood flooring can easily make a room feel homely and cozy.

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Lighten a smaller room with contrasting textures and shades. Try a dark flooring with light cupboards or sleek cupboards with waterproof laminate flooring (

Make a Subtle Feature

In a larger room, making a feature floor isn’t so difficult – if you have the nerve. Painted floorboards or exotic, Pinterest-worthy tiles will draw eyes downwards. In a smaller room, try a subtle parquet flooring.

Keep it Simple

For a rustic and simple look, try porcelain tiles. Terracotta and white work perfectly for a rustic country or Mediterranean look.

Try Geometrics

In a large room, adventurous and bold geometric tiling will stand out and can bring colour to an empty room. If it’s too bold, try a lighter pattern.

On-Trend Slate

The latest kitchen trend is slate. As its a natural tile, it has ridges and differences in colouration, which only look better with age.


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