He is Finally Living Up to His Potential

When my son’s physics teacher called me in for a meeting, I was not sure what to expect. He had shown me his grades not long before that, and he was holding his own in her class. I went to the meeting, and I was surprised when she told me that he was not doing as well as his grade was suggesting. She told me that he was passing the class and even getting good grades, but he was not comprehending the subject matter well. She had suggested a physics tuition center not far from the school.

She explained that the teacher there was a renowned author of physics books, and he taught every class himself there. She said that his teaching method is different, but also his class size is smaller. The students in his class are able to be a lot more interactive, which increases their understanding of whatever they are being taught. She told me that my son would pass her class without any problem, but she was not entirely sure that he was going to take away everything he could from it because he wasn’t learning everything at the same rate that the other students were.

I really appreciated her concern for this. I imagine a lot of teachers would just be happy that a student was getting an okay grade in their classes, but this physics teacher of his took it much further than that. She wanted to see him succeed, and he was not learning enough to be able to do that when it came to her class. I took her suggestion, and he started his tutoring classes a few weeks ago. The difference in him already is nothing short of amazing. His teacher called me yesterday to tell me that she is finally seeing him live up to his potential!

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