They Did Our Nails So Perfectly

When I first moved here to my new condo, I had to take care of some important things like finding a new doctor and a new dentist. I had already picked out the school my teen daughter would attend. There were a couple of other important decisions I had to make also. I needed to find a good hairdresser, and I also needed to find a reputable salon that does manicure and pedicure in Singapore for the district we had moved into. I rarely indulge in luxurious things, but having my nails done is one of my rare exceptions.

I have started taking my daughter with me too because she loves all the different designs that can be done on her nails. We go at least once every six weeks, but often is more than that. That is why I wanted to find a great salon right off the bat. I knew that it might be trial and error until we found the perfect nail salon, but I figured I would better our chances by doing some research first. I looked at just the shops that are in our area, and I was able to find an online social media presence for each of them.

My daughter and I poured over their pictures, and it was pretty evident which one we would be going to first. The pictures were just of a higher quality, and the main reason for that was because of the attention given to the nails of their customers. Some of the pictures we saw on other sites actually showed chips or where the polish extended beyond the nail unto the skin. We did not see anything like that on the nail salon we chose. We knew after our first trip there that we would not need to check out any others because they did our manicures and pedicures just perfectly!

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