The Birds Were Just Messy

I used to have a huge problem with birds where I own a business. It is in a small strip mall where there are four other businesses, and they were having the same problems as I was. The biggest one was the bird droppings all over the sidewalks in front of our businesses. Sometimes, they droppings would even be on the handles of the doors. Who wants to touch that? I know I did not like cleaning it, and I finally talked to the other owners about going together to hire a bird control company so we would no longer have this problem.

Their biggest objection to this was they did not want to hurt any of the birds. I understand this. I value life as well, even the life of a bird who does not mind dirtying up the front of my business. I knew that there were ways that we could make our little strip mall unattractive to them, but I knew that we would need professional help to get that done. I had already looked at businesses that provide this type of service and had picked one out that I thought was the best of all of them.

When I gave the website link to my business neighbors and had them look at it, they all agreed that it would be in our best interest to see if they could help us. We all agreed that spikes would be good because while it might be an initial and very quick discomfort if a bird tried to land on one, it would not cause any lingering pain. I also honestly did not think the birds would be dense enough to try to land on the spikes, and the company who came out to install them agreed with me. The birds are all fine and healthy, and now we can enjoy them as they fly over without landing here. That means our business fronts no longer look dirty from them!

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