I Am Home for at Least Until Summer

In fact I am doing quite well in spite of all of the problems that are loose upon the world. I miss the swarms of beautiful girls on campus, they were awesome and it is the sort of thing that you should appreciate. Now I realize how much I was distracted by girls and parties when I was on campus. I have almost no trouble keeping up with my class work and in fact I have found a part time job working for a place that does HVAC near me. It was a fluke really. My aunt sent me down to this part of the neighborhood to do something for her friend and I watched them fire on the helpers, in fact I watched him punch the guy he was helping. I decided on the spot to ask them if they needed a new helper and I ended up with the job, even though I can not really do it forty hours a week too easily.

Now I have realized why the other guy punched this guy Jack, which is not what the other guys call him. He is the nephew of the lady who runs the place and she seems to hate him worse than the rest of them do. Of course I just laugh at him when he is being a jerk to me and tell him that I made his aunt pay me extra for not hitting him too. That is literally true. I told her that she had to pay me a dollar an hour more every time that I did not punch his lights out. She was not amused by this, but she gave me the money. Now I have to figure out how to make it all work long enough for me to save up a good deal of money.

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